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Interarchy's 21st Anniversary

2015 marks a special milestone for Interarchy. It is Interarchy's 21st year on the Mac.

Interarchy was created by pioneer indie developer Peter N Lewis. Originally called Anarchie (pronounced anarchy), Interarchy started out life as an archie client, widely regarded as the earliest Internet search engine.

Interarchy icons
The Interarchy icon over the years

Interarchy began life at a time before Mac OS offered built-in support for connecting to the Internet. Hard to imagine in todays connected world. Equally hard to imagine is many of the features Interarchy offered, drag-and-drop, automation via AppleScript and Keychain integration were considered advanced at the time.

Interarchy (Anarchie) Screenshot
Anarchie 1.4 running on System 7

Over the years Interarchy has grown into a fully featured file transfer app with many advanced features. It has moved with the times making the transition from Classic Mac OS to OS X, from Mac Toolbox to CarbonLib to Cocoa, and from 68K to PowerPC to Intel. Interarchy has seen 10 major releases over its 21 year life, with the 11th major release on its way.

Interarchy 4 Screenshot
Interarchy 4.1 running on Mac OS 9

My first introduction to Interarchy was in 1995 when I got a modem and a copy of Adam C. Engst's book Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh. It came in very handy finding and downloading shareware. I remember being quite taken with the bounding kangaroo progress spinner and the transfer ratings in the About box.

Interarchy 6 Screenshot
Interarchy 6 running on Mac OS X 10.3

Peter developed Interarchy from 1993 through to 2007 at his company Stairways Software. In 2001 Peter took me under his wing and I've worked on Interarchy the ever since, first at Stairways and now at my own company Nolobe.

Interarchy 10 Screenshot
Interarchy 10 running on OS X 10.10 Yosemite

Thanks to everyone who has used Interarchy over the past 21 years. It has been a privilege to help develop Interarchy and I'm looking very much forward to the future. Here is to the next 21 years of Interarchy on the Mac.